Ninja Chowdown

Are you ready to chowdown on some good food as an ambitious, jolly, big-boned ninja? Play as our hero ninja Donatsu as he chases down rival ill-willed food-loving warriors. Help make the Dough-jo Donuttery become the world's #1 food chain and witness the growth of a donut empire!

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The Legend of Nudacus

Run, tackle, and dodge as Nudacus, the butt-naked hero. Face off in a coliseum of fierce warriors with no equipment other than brute strength and agility. Tackle your opponents into arena traps, lure your foes into each other’s lines of fire, and streak across a coliseum with pride and dignity.

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5-Second Sumo

Carl just finished his sumo wrestling training and he's REALLY hungry! Feed him delicious food, but be aware of the 5-second rule! Act fast! Food left on the floor for 5 seconds will go bad and Carl won't be happy with that! Keep your #1 customer happy!

Lenny Simulator

A game about Lenny. [WORK IN PROGRESS]